Monday, September 26, 2016

Altrusa Mouse Tree

Mice for Altrusa  are being made for this years tree.  Only a few weeks left before they will be needed.  The mice are based on Amelia mouse by Country Bumpkin, the pattern was in Inspiration magazine.  Here is momma mouse.  So far she is the only dressed mouse, but I am working on little beaded vests for some of the smaller mice.

Mamma mouse.

Back of  Mamma mouse.

Mamma mouse and her clan.  The mice range in size from 5" for
mamma mouse and 2.5" for the infant mouse.

Family picture.

 The mice are made out of felt in colors ranging from dark brown to gray,  The eyes are round black beads. So far I have left off the feet and tails.  I'm not sure that they will be seen so why add complications like fitting an outfit around a tail!  The original Amelia mouse wasn't dressed but embroidered with pastel silk ribbons, so that is another possible idea for the mice.  I'm still finishing the other mice and working on the beaded vests.  The vests will be out of felt so that they can hold all the beading.  For the tree top I was designing an angel mouse.  But a clock, out of heavy cardboard, for the tree top with realistic little mice would be cute too.

There is always more to design and make everyday!  So I need to get back to the fun.

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