Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Found Some Projects Today

Yesterday I was thinking about making another skirt.  I found nearly 5 yards of a deep royal blue cotton fabric.  The cotton fabric is so lovely definitely Kona.  So that got me to thinking about a blue skirt I started a couple years ago.  The project had been put aside when I couldn't get the sewing machine to behave.  Matching the two fabrics I found that they were the same and I must have bought 9 or more yards.  Then I found the pattern and it called for more than 8 yards because it included a matching blouse.  So it is a good thing I didn't start another skirt!

The pattern is a full length skirt made in three equal sections which makes it very wide too!  Each section has 2 deep darts and then the fabric is sewn together leaving one seam open to put a zipper in.  Then the top of the skirt is gathered before adding the waistband.  Even with the darts sewn each section is 34 inches making the entire waist 102 inches before gathering.  All that fabric at the waist does not sound flattering!  But the project should teach me a lot and will take time sewing it by hand.

While searching through projects I found the Herb Robert embroidery!  I began to worry that the project had been thrown out because I hadn't seen it for so long.  The Herb Robert embroidery is so beautiful I am very glad to have found it.  The wire worked petals were in the bag also!  Perhaps after the skirt is finished I can get back to doing the stumpwork part of the Herb Robert and finally give it as a gift.

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