Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wild Pansies Finished

Slowly I have been doing the lessons from "Needle Painting Embroidery" and finally finished lesson 10 Wild Pansies.  The projects get harder as you progress and use many more colors.  The trick to doing these lessons is the long and short stitch.  I have found the long and short stitch difficult to do because my hands shake and doing precise stitching takes four or fives tries to get the needle in the right place.  So I am actually doing a more random stitch which gives more of a blending effect.  The wild pansies took about 16 hours to stitch.  The original colors from the book were red violets with a bright pink added.  So for this lesson I picked out the pansy colors myself.  I also changed the way the pansy face looked.  It is a lousy picture below because I am still learning how to use a new camera.  Even with the cameras ability to take my shaking into account this was the best picture I got.  The background is white so the camera is having some problems.  It does feel good to get the first square embroidered for the quilt.  Just need 19 more squares.  The next square I want to try is an orchid design based on the most resent orchid in my collection.  Just need to get the drawing right.  Until then I think I will finish the Marie picture.

Wild pansies.

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