Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Six Cherry Tomato Plants

Early this morning I planted 6 cherry tomato plants so there are 19 tomato plants in the garden.  With some luck I will be able to plant the last 6 plants and start some lima beans.  Gardening is a wonderful way to exercise and feed yourself.  After Lee softens the next area of ground I'm hoping to start some watermelons.

Didn't do much crafting today but I did get some fabric at Beverly's and said hi to some friends.  They have a 40% off flat folds on Wednesdays so I bought some more curtain fabric for scarves.  I also showed off the crocheted doll I was making.  It is fun to look at what everyone is making.

Well I need to get back to the Mount Mellick pillow, it is going to be done in time for the Fair!

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