Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

This morning I took pictures of some boxes and the paper tray.  The boxes were purchased but at a heavy discount.  I'm cheap and would not buy predecorated boxes usually but they were so pretty, I love butterflies and roses so they were perfect.  The top box I made using a paper mache hat box and painted it turquoise and sponged it in silver ink.  The pictures are from a private collection reprinted on glossy paper and the edges were torn and inked in silver.  It is still a project in the works.  The inside will be painted in lavendar and a heavy purple cord will hold the top on when finish.  I keep ribbons for making ribbon flowers in this lovely box.  It is considered a requirement to have a lovely box for doing ribbon work.

The green book box holds bead over flow and the pink box holds embroidery floss.  I keep a little book inside the pink box as a catalog of the floss colors and amounts. The book is very helpful for planning large projects or looking for a skein for a friend. The clear box underneath is for already opened floss.  These sit on top of a room divider behind the paper tray.

Paper tray

This is part of a five foot paper holder that I purchased from a closing scrapbook store.  We no longer have any scrapbook speciality stores in town so it was a sad purchase.

I'm still sorting through the paper and putting it in the trays.  I have some boxes of paper to go through yet.  I want to make some tags to mark the trays by color and specialty.  They are sorted by speciality (all colors), color with paper to the left and cardstock to the right.  This makes it easy to find what I need.  The trays are immediately to the left when entering the room.

Thanks for looking at my craft area.  Please post a link to your craftroom ideas.

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