Saturday, February 11, 2017

Char-ity Update

Well I have committed myself!  I will be joining in the Chair-ity event to raise funds for the local library.  Here is the chair that I picked.

 Chair I purchased at a thrift store.

The chair is not crooked, but is on uneven ground.  It is scraped and has house paint on it but is really solidly built.  At first I thought I would try a technique called vinegar painting.  Vinegar painting is sort of like paste paper in that you use tools and brushes to make a textured design on the wood.  However it maybe to expensive to finish the chair this way.

Upholstered seat.

The seat covering is in bad shape.  I haven't figured out what type of decoration to do for the seat cushion.  My first thought was needlepoint.

Needlepoint I made for a seat cushion in the craft room.

 I love the pattern and colors I used for this cushion!  Made out of wool yarn this embroidery is very strong and wears well.  Another thought is to use sails cloth and do a whitework design using Mountmellick embroidery.  Before I decide on the seat embroidery I have to refinish the chair to make sure the embroidery works with the chair finish.

Closeup of chair back.

Another closeup showing carved design.

Plant next to chair.  Lots of rain has caused this jade plant to bloom early.

Closeup of jade plant flowers.

We will see how the chair comes out, it is due the end of March and it will need a sealer on it and I don't want the chair smelly.  So I really have to get started this week!